Get a burger at Judice Inn while in Lafayette!!!!

Here you go Anon! Another suggestion!

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I have not lived in the State of Louisiana for 30 years. Born, raised, and lived in Gonzales, LA. LSU graduate. I have lived in Pennsylvania for 26 years and still only consider myself a Louisianan, North LA born, raised in cajun country. Am culturally still a cajun. I try to explain this to people and they just don't understand. I will never be a Pennsylvanian. How do I answer the question of where I am from without offending anyone?

Wow, that’s a long time to live elsewhere. But I think no matter what, it makes sense that this is still home to you. I have a family member who has lived elsewhere for decades now, and feels the same as you. I think you just say that though you’ve lived in Pennsylvania for so long, you will always be ‘from’ Louisiana because it is where you were born and raised. No matter what, it will always be your home, even if you do like Pennsylvania as well. Or something like that. I really don’t know what I would say.

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I'm heading back to Lafayette for a few days, haven't been back since I was a teenager. We'll be there Weds & Thurs, any recommendations on fun things to do.. It's my husbands first time in Louisiana :)

Well looking things up, I just saw that next Thursday there is Rhythm on the River in River Ranch, which is live music outside. (There is a Facebook page for it, if you want to look it up.) So that’s a good way to welcome him to Louisiana. Show him some of our music. And I’m not sure what are some other things to do on those days, but I hope you have fun! :)

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I live in st.james parish!

That is awesome! (If you’d like to be added to the list, you’d have to come off Anon.)

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From Jefferson parish! But I live in Covington now://

I’m sorry you miss Jefferson Parish? :(

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I'm moving from Colorado to Louisiana this summer... Any tips or advice of sorts?

It’s really humid here! Especially now, in the Spring/Summer time. That’s a big thing to know, though I’m sure you already do. Prepare for the humidity here, and the heat. Depending on what part of Louisiana you’re moving to, the advice is different for a lot of things. Each part of the state is so different. That’s actually a big thing to know too. The state is NOT all the same. There are big differences in most of the major cities/areas. I honestly think from Colorado to Louisiana though, the biggest issue/difference will be the humidity. I don’t know what tips/advice to give you though. I hope you enjoy living here though! It’s a great state. :)

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Ouachita is the most redneck y'all don't even know.

I bet there are a lot of places that think they are ‘the most.’

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Where are you from?

Near the Lafayette area.

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Whataya think the most redneck parish is? I'm from Livingston and I'm convinced it doesn't get much worse than this

I honestly can’t answer this. I have no clue at all. I can’t say where I’m from is very ‘redneck.’

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