For everyone who messaged me this week to be added (Or a URL update) on the LA blogs list, I am updating it now. There are quite a few messages, and so I don’t want to individually reply to each one and spam everyone, but you will be added right now!

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How do I post

Just message me any post you’d like to see on here, and I will make them. (:

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I'm moving from California too Anaccoco (I have no idea if that was spelled write) and I just wondered what it was like there and I'm so nervous because I know it's pretty southern and I'm worried I will not fit in and yeah can you please give me some advice I would love that thank you.

I really don’t know anything about Anacoco, but I am sure some of my followers do. I don’t know what it’s like there, because each part of LA can be pretty different, but I am sure you’ll be fine!! I’m sure it will be sooo different from California, but I really hope things go well for you here in LA! Just be nice to people, and I am sure you will find some really awesome people to be friends with, and you’ll fit in fine.

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You’ve been added to the list! :)

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im from Ruston heyooo

That’s cool! I can’t add you to the list though, if you wanted, since you sent this on Anon.

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I'm from Lake Charles!

You’ve been added.

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orleanssss in the house


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Lafayette parish woop woop

Awesome!! You’ve been added to the list.

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I'm from Slidell! :)

I added you to St. Tammany Parish. (:

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I'm from Lafayette parish, please add me to the list

You are added. (:

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